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A backpack vacuum is essentially a vacuum which has been designed so that the canister (where dirt, dust, debris, etc. are stored) may be carried on your back.

This kind of device is great for reaching tight spots, like underneath things, in corners, on the stairs or any other place where traditional vacuums have a hard time reaching. These specialty vacuums are typically of very high quality, provide excellent cleaning suction and have generally changed the way people clean around the world.

Why you ask? Check out our list below of benefits that come with using a backpack vacuum to get a good idea.

Benefits of Using a Backpack Vacuum

1) They offer a much higher amount of portability and maneuverability versus traditional types of vacuums. They can literally go anywhere that you can.

2) They can get all sorts of hard-to-reach places clean, which results in your entire house becoming a cleaner, more allergy-friendly place. For example, you can vacuum the stairs more easily, reach difficult corners, clean your upholstery, and even get high up corners when using a long-handled attachment. And all of this without trying to lift your heavy traditional vacuum up.

3) There is no pulling a canister behind you, which doesn’t just make vacuuming difficult, but is also generally annoying and frustrating.

4) A backpack vacuum typically come with much longer cords than traditional varieties, which means you can go further without having to find a new outlet to plug into.

5) They are ideal for individuals who live in small apartments, as they do not take up as much storage space when not in use.

6) On the other hand, they are perfect for large houses because your movement is less restricted. This means you can get the entire house cleaned in record timing, and save a little “me” time to do something else that you’d rather be doing.

They also make a backpack blower found here for outside use that blows air out instead of a vacuum, which you can use when doing yard and leaf cleanup. If you want more power for leaf and other debris removal, this type of portable leaf cleaner would work well.

Facts To Consider When Purchasing One

Before purchasing anything, there are things you need to take into consideration, and the backpack style is no exception. The very first thing you should do is come up with few models that fit your requirements.


Begin by thinking about the weight of the backpack vacuum. This is pretty important, since you’ll be required to carry the canister around on your back for what may end up being prolonged periods of time. How much can you safely and comfortably carry? Also keep in mind that the base weight of the device will be increased with whatever it sucks up.

Cord Length

After narrowing down possibilities by weight, you can move on to cord length. A good way to think about this is to ask yourself how long you would need the cord to be in order to offer unrestricted access to the largest room in your home (or business). You can even pull out the measuring tape to get a solid idea.


Okay, so the list has been further narrowed down by necessary cord length, and we’ve moved on to the last feature consideration: attachments. To make the most out of your vacuum, you are going to need at least a few basic attachments, but each model may come with different varieties.

Which ones are most important? Do you need a long handled attachment to reach up high? An upholstery attachment to clean furniture? Or maybe a wood flooring attachment?

Customer Reviews

We’ve now narrowed down your list considerably, and you are ready to make an informed final decision. Of the models left, take a look at customer reviews. This will give you an idea of how the backpack vacuum has actually held up to consumer use. If, after pursing customer reviews and ratings, you then can choose one the best backpack vacuum cleaners that will best fits your budget and needs.

Cost Factors to Consider

Cleaners like canister vacuums tend to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, costing upwards of $250 for basic versions. But remember, you always get what you pay for.

You may order your vacuum right now online: as they are not typically available at general retailers. This is because there isn’t an enormous demand for them in commercial settings. In addition, general retail stores only keep in stock what is guaranteed to sell.


A backpack vacuum may not be a good choice for any individual who has issues carrying between ten and twenty pounds for prolonged periods of times. This includes the elderly, people with bone density issues, breathing difficulties, or the physically disabled.

Typically this style is used by cleaning companies or people with large areas to clean. We can tell you this, having one around your home can be a great cleaning advantage!

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