How Does A Pool Vacuum Work?

how does a pool vacuum work

Outdoor pools have become a Summer staple — and so has pool cleaning. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that you no longer have to clean your pool manually. Instead, a dizzying array of automatic pool cleaners can do it all for you. Pool vacuums can help you maintain your pool in top condition […]

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How to Vacuum a Pool: A Complete Guide

How to Vacuum a Pool

Vacuuming is pool owner maintenance 101. Chemicals will only do so much for you when it comes to keeping things clean, which is why you should learn how to vacuum a pool. Thankfully, it shouldn’t take too much time. However, it will require more than just a quick skim with a telescoping pole. Instead, you’ll […]

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Central Vacuum vs Dyson: Which One is Better?

central vacuum vs dyson

Let’s face it: household chores are tedious but essential. It helps to have a powerful vacuum cleaner to make the entire cleaning process faster. Central vacuum systems and Dyson vacuums are often regarded as two of the highest-quality vacuum cleaners on the market. Both of them are attractive options, but which one is the best […]

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How to Vacuum Under Beds – 5 Simple Hacks

how to vacuum under beds

Does your regular cleaning routine not include the hidden spots like under the couch or bed? You’re not alone. For so many of us, only when the festive season or our annual cleaning routine hits do we realize that there’s more to a clean home than just scrubbing off the visible spots. Sure, the hidden […]

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How to Vacuum Shaggy Rug

how to vacuum shaggy rug

Shag rugs are back in style and much more magnificent than their 1970s counterparts. Shag rugs provide a designer edge while also being warm and comforting underfoot — a decoration win-win. Keep in mind that shag rugs and carpets need more upkeep than flatter, thinner rugs due to their long, plushy texture. Compared to flat […]

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Roborock s7 vs. Roomba i7: Which One Should You Choose?

roborock s7 vs roomba i7

If you’re hunting for the best robot vacuum, you’ve probably come across the Roborock s7 and the Roomba i7. Both brands have a significant foothold in the robot vacuum market. Despite having fairly similar looks, theѕe vacuum robot cleaners have certain advantages and disadvantages that set them apart from the competition. This article will explore […]

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How to Get a Roomba to Clean Whole House

how to get roomba to clean whole house

Ah, to be free of home cleaning duties – that would be a dream come true! How about owning a gadget that magically leaves your floors squeaky clean while you don’t have to lift a finger? This is exactly what a Roomba does. A Roomba is a remotely controlled robotic vacuum that motors around your […]

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How to Dispose of Old Vacuum Cleaner Appliances

How to Dispose of Old Vacuum Cleaner Appliances

When your vacuum cleaner hits the dust, or eventually wears down and quits operating, or you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to a newer model, you might be wondering what to do with it. While it may be tempting to toss it in the trash, this is bad for the environment since vacuum cleaners aren’t […]

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Electrolux Vacuums History and Popular Model Types

Electrolux Vacuums History and Popular Models

No matter which part of the States you live in, you probably own at least one product with the Electrolux tag on it. In fact, the brand is extremely popular all over the world. While it manufactures many different types of home appliances, the brand is mostly known for its vacuum cleaners. You might be […]

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How Many Watts Does a Vacuum Use? A Complete Guide

how many watts does a vacuum use

One of the first things that cross our minds before buying any electrical appliance is the energy it will consume and how that will affect our bills. The same goes for vacuum cleaners. If you are about to buy a new vacuum cleaner and wondering how many watts does a vacuum use, this guide is […]

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