How to Vacuum Under Beds – 5 Simple Hacks

how to vacuum under beds

Does your regular cleaning routine not include the hidden spots like under the couch or bed? You’re not alone. For so many of us, only when the festive season or our annual cleaning routine hits do we realize that there’s more to a clean home than just scrubbing off the visible spots. Sure, the hidden […]

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How Often Should I Vacuum Cleaning Guide

How Often Should I Vacuum

How often should I vacuum? If you’re wondering how often you should vacuum to keep your home free of debris and smelling fresh, we’re here to help! The fact is, there’s no straight answer to how often. The frequency varies significantly from one house to another. You’ll need to vacuum more often if you have […]

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15 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Reviews

As much as we love having our furry friends around the house, having their pet hair littered throughout the home is another story. Whether its dog or cat hair, it always seems like this is the trickiest part of keeping your home tidy! If this sounds familiar, choosing the best vacuum for pet hair can […]

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6 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner Brands on The Market

Best Canister Vacuum

If you are the type of person who dreads lugging their massive vacuum cleaner out of the closet and up the stairs every time you need to clean? If so, it may to time to consider a new, more modern canister design. Having the best canister vacuum cleaner can make a world of difference for […]

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Kirby Vacuum Parts and Accessories for Your Kirby Cleaner

Kirby Vacuum Parts

Kirby vacuums are high-end cleaners that offer impressive capabilities. On top of that, once you start adding Kirby vacuum parts, the product gets completely enhanced! In fact, your favorite vacuum cleaner can do a lot more than most people know. In this article, we will unpack the best parts and accessories for you to make […]

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Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaner 101 – How They Work

Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaner

With so many important projects that need to be done on any given day, most of us have a hard time squeezing in house cleaning. The truth is, carpet cleaning and dusting an entire house can be tiresome and time-consuming, and we’d rather spend our time doing something else. However, with the help of innovative […]

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Robot Vacuum Reviews: A Treasure Trove of Information

Robot Vacuum Reviews are a Treasure Trove of Information

To have to vacuum is perhaps one of the worst chores ever! But what if you could sit back, grab your favorite latte and watch your favorite sitcom, while a device cleans your house spotless in the backdrop and on autopilot? That’s exactly the type of sheer convenience and efficiency robotic vacuums offer. However, knowing […]

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Canister vs Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Which One is Better?

Canister vs Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Obviously, you have reached this part of the internet because of one simple question—which is the better choice between canister vs upright vacuum cleaners? Lucky for you, we have wondered the same thing. Thus, in this article, you will find the answer to this exact question. Keeping a house nice and clean all the time […]

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How to Use a Wet Dry Vac And Best Cleaning Tips

Wet Dry Vac

Wet dry vac cleaners are handy tools that can make cleaning a breeze. As the name implies, it is specifically designed to clean liquid spills, but can also clean dust and other solid dirt. This special type of shop vacuum is very useful in all working environments and homes as it works just like the […]

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Shark Vacuum Cleaner Parts: Essential Things to Know

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Over the past few years, Shark vacuum cleaners have become part of the cleaning tools of a lot of individuals. As such, the manufacturer developed different types of Shark vacuum cleaner parts. Hence, if a part is not functioning anymore, you can purchase that part and replace it. By doing so, there wouldn’t be any […]

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