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A room to room vacuum can be frustrating and requires a lot of time and effort, especially if your unit is big and bulky. One way to avoid this is to install a home central vacuum system. It helps to cut down the time you spend cleaning your home and floors by offering a convenient and efficient alternative.

Central vacuums are perfect for larger homes with several levels. They give you access to your vacuum without you having to carry a bulky unit round with you through the house. Installing one will ensure your home is kept clean by removing all dirt with little effort on your part.

Finding the right device can be tricky so we have put together a guide to help you find the best central vacuum system to meet your requirements.

What Is A Central Vacuum System?

Simply put, it is a fixed unit developed so that you don’t have to move your appliance from room to room. Typically installed somewhere out of sight like in your garage or basement, the unit consists of a central power unit with multiple outlets which long central vacuum hoses are then connected to.

This advanced indoor vacuum system can be used to clean all types of dust and debris. The unit itself has several parts, including a base power unit as well as a collection canister to store all dirt removed from your floors.

The system also includes a powerful motor as well as several accessories on the tow. The accessories complement the unit and provide it with various different cleaning functions and capabilities. You can use more than one hose, and these connect to the unit through the vacuum inlet valves. The unit is usually a permanent fixture fitted onto your wall.

A central vacuum cleaner unit stands out for many reasons. From the dynamic design to the advanced construction as well as the overall operation capabilities, it is the ideal product for heavy-duty usage.

How They Will Help You Around Home?

Installing a central vacuum system in your home will certainly save you from lugging a unit around the house. They are also ideal for homes with children or pets, as they are able to remove hair, hard to clean up messes and stronger dirt and debris.

Since the units are not necessarily situated in the same room where you will be vacuuming, you will not be exposed to the heavy sounds that are typically made by a portable vacuum cleaner.

An all house vacuum system also produces a much more powerful suction. This is because they have a larger and more powerful vacuum motor than portable units. Most importantly, there is no need for heavy lifting or maneuvering; all you have to do carry is the lightweight hose. By connecting the hose to an outlet, a wire will automatically power the main unit. This saves you from having to deal with switches or buttons.

A central vac allows you to easily clean 12,000 square feet.  These units are also three times more powerful than portable cleaners, and generally have a longer life span. This is because the powerful motor is static and in a more inaccessible location.

Installing this unit will increase the value of your home and once you see how easy they are to use, you will be happy for the long run. They are also ideal in that they don’t recycle dirt or dust back into the space that has just been cleaned. This ensures that the air you and your family are breathing is cleaner and allergen-free.

What We Like

  • Easy-to-use
  • Large cleaning radius
  • Silent functionality
  • Advanced suction abilities
  • Enhanced filtration systems
  • Extended warranties
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Minor Drawbacks

  • Some models may be slightly louder during operation
  • Some models suction capabilities may not perform as well in larger homes

With a myriad of specifications and features included in every unit, it is important to consider critical factors such as cost, air watts, coverage area, cubic feet per minute and overall capacity. Another good way to make the right selection is by looking at central vacuum system reviews below.

Now we will take a look at three quality products currently available on the market.

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit


Prolux CV12000 Red Central Vacuum Power Unit w Powerful 2 Stage Motor


With its outstanding manufacturing and overall quality, the Prolux Central Vacuum is a highly recommended option.

Sturdy Construction

This prolux cv12000 features powder-coat steel construction for optimum longevity.  It uses one of the industry’s best motors, the Amtek 2 stage motor, ensuring high-quality suction to remove dirt. With its inbuilt 150 CFM dual-stage motor, you will be able to eliminate dirt and dust as well as all other allergens from your house with absolute ease.

Large Coverage Area

It is known as one of the most powerful options and for good reason. This advanced whole house vacuum is able to cover approximately 12,000 square feet. For homes that do not span 12,000 square feet, you will find that this unit performs more efficiently in smaller spaces.

Extended Warranty

What makes the prolux cv12000 even more desirable is the backing the manufacturer gives it. The unit’s motor is protected by an outstanding 10-year motor warranty. This guarantees you won’t be spending money on repairs or central vacuum system parts, saving you money in the long run.

OVO Large Capacity Hybrid 630 Air watts System Power Unit

OVO Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System, Hybrid Filtration (With or Without disposable bags), 25L or 6.6 Gal, 630 Air watts with 30 ft Carpet Deluxe Accessory Kit included (PAK63CD)

This unique ovo hybrid unit is ideal for homes with carpeted rooms and includes a 6-height adjustable electric carpet beater, making it perfect for larger homes with harder to clean surfaces.

Cutting Edge Technology

This cutting-edge product features:

  • A vigorous 2 stage motor
  • A heavy-duty steel body
  • 630 air watts
  • 130 inch of water lift
  • 7500 square feet cleaning radius

The Soft-Start technology does three things. It adds 20% to the lifespan of the units’ motor, will vacuum debris out of the house, and finally, it prevents leftover debris from emptying onto the floor or getting clogged in the piping network.

OVO Hybrid Filtration System

Featuring a top-of-the-line filtration, this central vacuum system will improve the air quality in your home. For people who suffer with respiratory problems or allergy symptoms this is great news. Its high-efficiency cyclonic filtration combined with its disposable filtration bags purifies your air twice, improving the air driven out the unit.

This system is able to filter exhaust air up to 99.97%, reducing the likelihood of harmful airborne dust.

Ultra Silent Functionality

This OVO includes a unique noise-blocking foam, similar to one found in recording studios. After being successfully installed in a closed space, it will emit minimal noise or sounds. Basically, you can expect as much noise as a wall-mounted air conditioning unit.

Ultra Clean Top Quality Canadian Made Central Vacuum Unit


Ultra Clean Central Vacuum SC200 Canadian Made Unit 7,500 sq. ft. 30' Electric Hose/Powerhead Attachemnets, Garage Kit


This dynamic Ultra Clean central vacuum, all steel power unit is made of the highest quality materials and is another top choice product.

Durable Design and Construction

This system includes a powder coated finish that has a lifetime guarantee against any sort of corrosion. With its durable steel casing made from an anti-corrosive epoxy coating, it is sure to last for years to come!

It has a wide cleaning radius of 2500 square feet which makes it ideal for cleaning large and small homes alike. This system also includes mounting brackets, allowing you quickly and easily install everything yourself if you are handy at DIY.

Versatile Functionality

This unit comes with three different collection methods for gathered dirt and debris, including:

These three options offer you extreme flexibility and versatility, allowing you to clean and collect debris in the manner you choose.

The unit can either be mounted or placed on the floor. This makes it even more versatile and suited to just about any home’s needs.

Superior Filtration System

This central vacuum system features a highly advanced HEPA filtration system specifically designed to remove any allergens from the air in your home. Its innovative suction system is able to clean quickly and efficiently, removing even the tiniest pet hairs while maintaining the high quality of the air in your home.

Final Thoughts

For those neat-freaks who are dedicated to keeping their home spick and span but are tired of lugging a large unit around the house, a central vacuum cleaner is a perfect solution for you!

We believe that the best central vac should offer you an all-encompassing solution, making cleaning your floors easy and effortless.

With an easy to install unit, these systems are perfect for larger homes or multi-level properties. They are designed to be easier and quicker to use than portable units, removing the need to move them around during use.

Many central cleaning systems come with various accessories and attachments which add to their functionality and overall performance. Most come with extended warranties too. This ensures that you will not have to spend money down the line on repairs or replacement.

If you are looking for an easy and effective alternative to the conventional home vacuuming methods, then the ultra clean central vacuum system is most definitely the product for you.

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