Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review
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Cordless vacuum cleaners have long been used as a second option to regular vacuum cleaners because there is this connotation that the former do not clean as much as the latter. But we are living in different times now, we live in the time where technology would meet functionality, and that is why the cordless vacuum cleaners of today really do not differ to its counterpart sans the very obvious feature—the cord.

It really is fun to think about, that the needs of us humans change every now and then. In terms of vacuums, before, we love regular vacuums due to its strength at suction. But now, we prefer it to be cordless so we do not trip on the cord, and just so we would not go through the hassle of plugging and unplugging it just to clean different areas.

Here comes the Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, they promised that this type of vacuum cleaner solved the biggest weakness of a cordless one, and that is a long lasting battery power. Read on to find out if there is any weight to that claim.

Deik Vacuum Cleaner


Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Key Features

Other than the very obvious feature that this upright vacuum cleaner is cordless, this also differs from the other cordless vacuum cleaners as to its design. Its main tube is extremely thin, and it is top-heavy. You would probably think that this vacuum could not even hold its own weight due to the mismatch of design, but it was designed that way to be more compact.

• It weighs a little more than four pounds, so it a very lightweight product.
• It is also flexible; this could be attributed to the fact that most of its pieces are detachable providing for a fluid movement.
• It also has a removable hand vacuum for those times that you just need a quick easy clean or you have to target hard to reach areas.
• Its pole that was intentionally made to be slim can be used to reach higher surfaces, and this could be done easier as the pole is not heavy.
• It can be used on different floors. The vacuum provides different modes for different surfaces. You can just select a button that corresponds to the type of floor that you are going to clean.
• It has the Sponge and HEPA Filtration Technolgy that traps the smallest substances inside your vacuum and these would not be released out in the open again. This is good to prevent people from having allergies while cleaning and also it would control the spread of bacteria.
• The battery power that it has is 22 volts, and the type of battery is lithium.
• It comes with an adapter.
• You also get a wall mount with its corresponding accessories.
• The welcome and instruction manuals are also provided.

What is so good about it?

The best thing about the Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is its functionality and its immense suction power. These two features combined make for a fast and efficient clean, and that is what we all need right? A machine that is not a hassle to use but at the same time gets the job done.

• The battery lasts for a long time. You do not even need to consistently press the button for power so that the vacuum cleaner would continue to function. You can just press the button for boosts.
• It has different modes for different floors. You will not have to worry about scratching your wooden floors, or it being so tough on linens. It does all the adjusting for you.
• It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. You can just even use one hand to raise the machine, and it would not prove to be a struggle.
• The vacuum is significantly quieter than the other vacuum cleaners, may it be cordless or not.
• It is a breeze to reach tighter spots and hard to reach areas.
• You could designate a permanent place to store this vacuum cleaner. At the same time, it does not take too much space as you can just mount it on the wall.

Any dirt on this product? (No pun intended)

The biggest negative thing about this product is that the suction power may vary based on the current surface you are working on.

• It can remove pet hair but the current surface where the pet hair is is a huge factor on how well the vacuum cleaner can suck it right in. You might just need to remove the stuck particle manually.
• If what you are trying to clean is tangled on a textured carpet, the vacuum cleaner would try its hardest to suck it in, but it could not untwine the tangled part.
• It has a lot of attachments that a person might get confused on how to operate it.

Summary of Features

The Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that has a long battery life. You can customize how you want to use it by just removing some attachments, using the long pole, or just the handheld pump.

You need not worry that using this vacuum cleaner would damage the surface that you are cleaning as you can switch to different modes with just a click of a button. It also has a good suction power that is perfect for removing dirt.

The HEPA Technology is also a good feature so as to minimize the after-effects of being exposed to dust particles. There would be no sneezing while cleaning!

The Verdict

The Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for everyday quick uses. It is handy as it is easy to use and you do not have to fumble with the plug and cord, but at the same time, we could not look over the fact that it has a bit of difficulty with getting particles that are stuck.

It would have been the “vacuum cleaner that you only ever needed” when its suction power is great, which it’s not. This is perfect for everyday use as we just declutter on an everyday basis.

But for deep and thorough cleaning days, you might find yourself manually cleaning the particles that this vacuum cleaner cannot get. This vacuum cleaner cannot stand alone for deeper cleans; it needs your assistance.

All in all, it is still a good option to buy this cordless vacuum cleaner as it really does the job—not just in a way that could outperform regular vacuums. You will not have a problem with this vacuum cleaner if you do not have a big mess to clean that has been stuck on the same surface for centuries. But for dirt, pet hairs, cobwebs, food scraps and some other things along those lines—they do not stand a chance against the Deik Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

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