Different Types of Vacuums and Their Amazing Uses

Different Types of Vacuums and Their Amazing Uses
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If only shopping for the types of vacuums was as simple as shopping for groceries and cleaning products off the shelf!

As we all know, keeping your home clean and fresh is a good habit to adopt, but it comes with a great struggle if you don’t have the right kind of vacuum cleaner to do the job. Therefore, it is essential to know your vacuum cleaner requirements before you decide to invest in one. This is because choosing the wrong vacuum cleaner for your needs will only cost you time and money in the long run.

Thankfully, there are plenty of different kinds of vacuum cleaners available to choose from. They all differ in color, size, price and functions. Additionally, they are all designed for different uses.

The fact that there are so many kinds can be confusing, but with a little help, choosing the right one for you can be easier than you think. Here is a breakdown on some of the main kinds to give you an idea of what is out there before you go shopping.

Types of Vacuums:

Generally, there are five main types of vacuums to look for. Each one comes in a different size to suit your cleaning spaces and needs. Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with advanced features and functions and some are simple to use but also very effective. These can provide you with the best cleaning options. However, some can cost more but you usually get more bang for your buck, as long as you do the research and check out various vacuum cleaner reviews.

Handheld Vacuum

The handheld vacuum here from Dirt Devil is a great choice and these types of vacuums just perfect to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to clean. In fact, one of the best uses of a handheld vacuum cleaner is being able to vacuum beneath and higher above areas that are slightly difficult to clean off with other kinds of devices.

To give you an idea, a handheld vacuum is most convenient when using it beneath car seats, sofas curtains and any tight and hard to reach areas. However, a handheld is not efficient when it comes to floor cleaning in your living spaces.

Upright Vacuum

These are without doubt the most common and popular forms of home cleaners. Most advertisements, images and reviews, like the above Shark Navigator Liftaway Professional Upright, make use of upright vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners come with easy to understand features and options to perform powerful cleaning on your floors and large spaces. Additionally, upright vacuum cleaners are equipped with new models that allow for both carpet and bare surface cleaning.

Therefore, this kind of model is perfect for most homes, which will require a variety of surfaces to be cleaned.

Canister Vacuum

People looking for slender options in vacuum cleaners will most likely opt for a canister vacuum cleaner. In terms of power, it is exactly like the upright vacuum cleaner but has a slender build like that of a stick cleaner.

Just like the upright kinds, the canister vacuum is very powerful and can be used for both bare floors and carpeted areas. This type can offer some great HEPA filtration options. They offer superior cleaning power. Most brands include cleaning tools and accessories that offer convenient ways to clean all areas of your home and even vehicles. However, canister cleaners are one of the priciest kinds of vacuum cleaners due to much advancing feature options.

Stick Vacuum

These are one of the least powerful models, however they work tremendously well when it comes to cleaning in narrow areas where it is otherwise difficult to get to. Additionally, they are the best for hardwood floors and perform very well.

These types of vacuums also work well on light carpets, ceramic tiles and vinyl floors. In terms of the look, it is slender like a canister model but a little bit longer. For example, stick vacuum cleaners like the Shark vacuum shown here are popular for cleaning narrow and corner areas of the house.


In this article, we’ve talked about some of the most popular types of vacuums that are easily available on the market today. To clarify, these different types are: handheld, upright, canister and stick cleaners.

As you have read above, different models and their type suit different cleaning uses. Some are more suited to heavy duty cleaning, while others like the handheld are perfect for getting into hard to reach spaces.

Various kinds also come with different power levels, which can also be useful in certain kinds of uses. It really all depends on what your needs are!

We have given you a decent amount of information here, but to make the most of your money and get the best level of convenience and comfort, it is recommended to check our vacuum cleaner reviews. In fact, this is actually essential as it will give you a much better understanding of all the different kinds of vacuum cleaners before you invest in one.

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