Vacuum Cleaner Hacks to Make Cleaning Easier

Vacuum Cleaner Hacks
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As boring and tedious as vacuuming can be, these simple vacuum cleaner hacks can make the job easier with the use of a quality vacuum cleaner.

With these kinds of tips and tricks, you no longer have to worry about those tiny or huge spaces where mopping was once a must. Now, you can simply bring out your best vacuum that you love using, turn on your favorite music and start buzzing away.

Using a vacuum is simple and the best way to save cleaning time and burn some calories too. Even your children can use one, and like it, once you teach them the right methods.  There are also a variety of different vacuum cleaner hacks through which vacuuming your house becomes even more rewarding.

Here are some simple tips for you to help make the process easier.

6 Vacuum Cleaner Hacks

1. Carpet Dents

Have you noticed those dents in the carpet that are caused by furniture? It’s true, they look horrible whenever you decide the sitting of the room or introduce some new furniture. Well, not to worry, there is an easy way to get rid of them with the help of some vacuum cleaner hacks.

All you have to do is spread some ice cubes on the dents and let them melt. The fibre of the carpet will stand up and it will allow you to straighten the dents by running a vacuum over it repeatedly. After doing this, the carpet will look good as new!

2. Sparkly Light Fixtures

As we all know, dust collects very easily in light fixtures and holders. However, instead of trying to wipe it clean with a cloth and spreading the dust everywhere, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out everything that is dirty. If you decide to do this, your fixtures and light holders will start glowing like anything. In fact, just this simple tip can make the room bright again.

3. Remove Pet Fur with Ease

Do you have a beloved furry friend at home? Well, collecting fur or hair with a brush can be really hard work. What’s more, it’s also relentless as animals continue to shed!

With the help of a vacuum, you can easily wipe your beds, sofas, curtains and every other surface to get rid of the fur and hair. In order to cover all of your bases, make sure that you also vacuum the sheets or quilts before washing them as this will reduce hair collection on your clothes and will also assist your washing machine filter.

4. Dust Free Keyboard Vacuum

Are you struggling with dust under your laptop or PC keyboard? Not to fear, there is a very simple solution to your worries. All you need to do is attach a condiment lid that has a narrow tip, like that of a ketchup container or mustard holder, to your vacuum and suck out all that pesky dust from under those keys.

You can even use this keyboard vacuum cleaner hack for any other small spaces in your house, be it the window ledge or door side.

5. Vacuum Up Leaves From Your Yard

Use a lawn vacuum to clean up leaves and debris form your yard and garage!  A special lawn vacuum/leaf blower can easily pick up and remove leaves to leave a clean landscaped look to your home.

With vacuum cleaner hacks like this, you don’t have to worry about cleaning inside or outside again.

6. Clean Smelling Carpets

Have your carpets been smelling bad because of the number of things kids or pets, or even you, have spilt on them? It can be very unhygienic and disturbing to look at these stains, or smell them.

To help you out, an easy trick to get rid of the odor is to spread some baking soda on the carpet, let remain for a bit and then suck it out with the vacuum cleaner. To make the smell better, you can even spread some ground cinnamon on top of this to spread some better smells around the house.


There are many different ways to make cleaning in your home simpler and easier, especially with the help of some simple vacuum cleaner hacks.

With all of these tips and tricks, you don’t need to struggle to keep things clean, especially carpets. Carpets can unfortunately be difficult to clean sometimes, but not anymore! Even bad smelling stains don’t stand a chance once you know what to do.

Cleaning outdoors and picking up pet hair doesn’t have to be that difficult either! Light fittings, keyboards and carpet dents can also be fixed in a jiffy.

To put it all into practice, why not try all the above hacks and see how your house can change today?

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