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  • It comes in a black color, so it doesn’t get dirty easily.
  • It does a pretty good job of collecting dust, hair, and small trash. It particularly performs well in picking up fur.
  • Requiring only 2.5 inches clearance underneath, it can travel under most beds, couches, and tables with ease. You do not have to lift or move them around to get to those hard to reach areas.
  • With its anti-fall sensors, you do not have to worry about drop-offs.
  • It comes with spare parts, an extra filter and set of side brushes.
  • It is a very affordable.


  • While it is not as loud as a regular unit, it works noisily.
  • It is not as powerful as a normal upright or bagless cleaner, but good enough for light cleaning. If you have carpeted floors, you still need to run your vacuum cleaner at least once a week.
  • For a smooth operation, you have to robot-proof the area by rolling up or removing high-pile rugs or carpets, cords, etc. Otherwise, you will need to be around to set it back on course when it gets stuck.
  • It does not support remote control through a dedicated device or via a smartphone app. These appliances are not the best smart home devices.


When it comes to robot vacuum cleaner reviews, the Housmile robot cleaner is a good choice for light cleaning. Being one of the entry-level and best robot vacuum cleaner for the price, you will need to tame your expectations in the convenience department.

Sure, it performs very well in collecting dust, dander, fur, and other small debris on the floor. But it doesn’t have the bells and whistles you’d find in more expensive smart models.

If you do not mind looking for it when it has run out of power, or turning it on or charging it manually, then you’d find yourself a keeper in this device. But if you want something that affords you total convenience and that entails less supervision, then you might need to keep looking and be willing to spend more.

Nevertheless, you’ll definitely get more than what you pay for with the Housmile.

Are you looking for an effortless and effective way to keep your space spic and span? A robot vacuum cleaner solves most of your dust and pet hair problems and buys you time and energy for your unending list of things-to-do. For this, we look at the Housmile Robotic Vacuum, an entry-level cleaning companion that won’t put a hole in your pocket. It is probably one of the best models for the price.

Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • Is a low-profile cleaner fitted with two side brushes to sweep trash off from hard surfaces and low-pile carpets. In addition, it has suction power to collect specks of dust and small particles
  • An advanced motor significantly reduces noise, and the rate of clearing away the dust is higher 99.7%.
  • Simultaneous sweeping, vacuuming, and advanced filtration
  • Equipped with a drop-sensing cleaning technology to avoid drop-offs. When the light sensor at the base of the machine detects steps, the machine will reverse. So, it can clean up to and around stairs without the risk of falling down the stairs or steps
  • Provides two work mode options: one is for a small room with a working time of 30 minutes, and another is for a bigger room with a working time of 60 minutes
  • Can also do spot and edge cleaning effortlessly
  • Runs for 130 minutes after a three- to five-hour charge
  • Measures 8.9 x 8.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Comes with an advanced rechargeable Li-ion battery to keep maximum runtime and charging performance for years
  • AC power adapter, a cleaning tool, two filters, four side brushes, four screws, a screwdriver, a welcome guide, and a one-year warranty

Housmile robotic vacuum cleaning modes



The Housmile might not be the best robot vacuum cleaner, but it is a lightweight and compact cleaning device. It comes in black, which makes dirt or stains less visible. And since it is only 2.4 inches tall, it is able to go under beds, couches, tables, and more.

Equipped with an anti-collision and a drop-sensing technology, this robot cleaner is able to work with some to little supervision. It is also quite easy to get it started, press its button once for small room cleaning, which takes 30 minutes, and press the button twice if you are working with a bigger room in your home. This should take the device 60 minutes of tireless cleaning.

The product is designed to clean effectively with the use of a sweeping action and a suction power that send debris to a decent-sized collection bin lined with a large filter.


The Housmile robot vacuum cleaner tidies rooms quite well through its side brushes and suction power. It is particularly great with animal fur and dust bunnies. But since its suction power is not as great as that of a motorized unit, it has its limitations.

As for the noise it creates, it is quite tolerable. You can still carry on a conversation or watch TV while it is running.

Another good thing about this unit is that it can traverse well from flooring to low-pile carpets or rugs. But as with most robot vacuum cleaners, it will experience difficulties on shaggy and high-pile carpets.

Runtime is also quite generous at 130 minutes from a three-to five-hour charge.

Housmile Robot Vacuum Cleaner


These robotic vacuums offers a good value for the money. While it is priced on the low-end, this device does not underperform.

Comparison of Other Best Robot Vacuums

With the price you have to pay for the Housmile, the INLIFE i7 or the ILIFE V3s Pro is worth a look. It is more expensive than Housmile’s version, yet it comes with the bells and whistles of a smart cleaning device.

The INLIFE i7 robotic takes on a life of its own. Simply program the device, indicate what days of the week and what time of the day you would have it perform its duties, and it would dutifully wake up on its shift and start to work. What other electronics products can do that? When it runs low on power, it automatically makes its way to a docking station to charge. You do not need to hunt it down and search for it.

If you want to confine it to a certain area, the kit comes with a blocker. Simply program it and the unit stays where you say in confined area. This solves the problem of the device straying to one room without having thoroughly cleaned the other.

Just like the Housmile version, the INLIFE i7 robotic unit works best on hard floors and low-pile carpets. From many great reviews, it is a good tool for light cleaning duties.

Final Thoughts

The Housmile Robot Vacuum is a very good entry level low-profile robot cleaner fitted with two conveniently located side brushes to sweep up dirt and dust from hard surfaces and low-pile carpets. It has sufficient suction power to collect specks of dust and small particles. It’s quiet motor offers simultaneous sweeping, vacuuming, and advanced cleaning filtration.

It also has built-in drop-sensing cleaning technology is to avoid drop-offs from stairs or steps.  Check this model out today.

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