How to Clean Wooden Floors Easily

how to Clean wooden floors
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Cleaning wooden floors regularly is the most effective way to keep them in good condition, maintain their elegant look and get rid of annoying particles such as dust, dirt and other small debris. This article offers some steps on how to clean wooden floors to keep them looking like new.

Although the cleaning process needed for this type of flooring is quite manageable compared to those that are made of other materials, getting the job done and obtaining the best results requires careful planning and selection of the appropriate tools to use.

Therefore, it ‘s better for you to conduct a little research here to determine the procedure of cleaning your floors beforehand.

5 Easy Steps on How to Clean Wooden Floors:

Step 1: Clear the Area from Any Obstructions

The first thing that must be done when you’re about to clean wooden floors is to clear the area that must be cleaned.

This simply means that all of the things that are placed on the floor area must be removed. This is because these can limit your movement and prevent you from cleaning the entire floor.

In doing this, the utmost caution is recommended. You need to be very careful in removing heavy things like the furniture and other ornaments. Make sure to lift each of these one by one and avoid dragging them, for doing so will scratch the floor or, worse, leave deep marks on the wooden surface.

In order to avoid any damage, it’s best to ask assistance from another person when there are heavy things that must be removed. Make sure to place what you’ve removed nearby so that placing them back is convenient.

Step 2: Sweep the Floor

After all obstructions are removed, start sweeping the floor. This helps in eliminating the larger particles and trash that’s stuck on the floor. Make sure to use a soft broom to avoid causing scratches to the floor. In the event that there are larger objects like pebbles or stones in sight, try to pick them up.

Use the broom to remove smaller particles such as dust and dirt. Sweep uniformly and gently from one side and to the other and carefully gather all the particles into a single pile.

Use a dustpan to collect up what you have gathered. Then, try to repeat the sweeping routine for a second time to make sure that all the larger particles are removed.

If you have any problems with physically using a broom, there are some newest inventions with battery operated sweepers. These handy motorized sweeping machines actually work very well and have brushes that pick up dust and debris. Some are even self propelled and since they have no power cord, you can use one anywhere. Check out these cordless sweeper reviews if you do not prefer using a normal broom.

Step 3: Vacuum the Entire Floor and Corners

As soon as the sweeping process is done, make sure to vacuum the entire floor. Doing so is very important since using a vacuum is effective in removing small particles that are not easily seen by the naked eye. For better results, and extremely clean floor, make sure to use a canister vacuum that has very good suction.

This canister style type of vacuum is ideal for wooden floors since it’s lightweight and equipped with wheels. With its wheeled-design, you can easily clean the entire floor area since a canister vacuum is highly-maneuverable. You can easily drag this to any particular area you intend to clean. Using a canister vacuum to clean a wood floor is also a great idea.

This is because they usually come with a long power cord, that allows you to cover a larger cleaning radius. All you need to do is plug the vacuum into an outlet, stretch its cord and clean the entire floor from one direction towards the other.

Since most of the newest and best canister vacuum cleaners come with a longer telescoping wand, you can easily extend it to reach the room corners without doing a lot of movement.

When vacuuming a wooden floor, make sure to select the most appropriate cleaning tool that you can attach to the head. This is because a canister vacuum can be fitted with different cleaning attachments. In case you’re required to deal with areas that are hard to reach, a canister vacuum will be of great help as it’s designed exactly for this job.

Step 4: Polish the Floor

Not your floor is ready for the best part, the polish. Polishing the wooden floor after the vacuuming process is a very good move as it revives the floor’s glossy and new appearance. It will also serve as the final cleaning procedure since all of the stranded particles in the floor have already been removed; this will just make the cleaning process more fulfilling. Here are some of the best products on the market that are proven to work best.

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After polishing, return all the objects that you have removed. Be as careful as you did when removing them as any mistake will scratch your clean and shiny floors. Nothing looks better than a clean and polished wooden floor!

Step 5: Always Perform Regular Vacuuming to Maintain Lasting Shine

Now that you know how to clean wooden floors, it would be a good idea to vacuum your wooden floors regularly as small particles can start to settle again right away.

When doing regular vacuuming, always check the canister’s bag or debris cup that holds the dust particles. Always empty and keep the hoses clean to make sure that the vacuum continues to work well and delivers the needed suction and best performance.

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