Kenmore Elite 31150 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kenmore Elite 31150 Vacuum Cleaner Review
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Today you can find a bagged upright vacuum that is lightweight, reliable, and, most importantly, powerful. Vacuum models such as the Kenmore Elite 31150 offer enhanced air filtration by using a HEPA filter and aim to ensure that you will never have to deal with pesky dust mites around your home.

While many people might assume that bagless upright vacuums are the leaders in vacuum technology today, in reality, some of the best vacuums available come with a bag. Bagged upright vacuums are designed to offer superior air filtration and, in some cases, can even be stronger than bagless upright vacuums.

The dynamic vacuum that we look at in this review is sturdy and powerful. It can clean anything on its path, without any problems. Get rid of pet hair, dust, and any other allergens with the Kenmore Elite pet-friendly 31150 model, and enjoy completely allergen-free indoor air at all times.

About The Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet Friendly Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum Cleaner

As bagless vacuum cleaners are quickly gaining more and more popularity, there is one major setback, which is exposure to allergens.

While most bagless vacuum cleaners tend to expose users to major allergens when emptying the tank, some do feature a cyclone suction technology designed to reduce the chances of this happening. Despite these additional features, most of these bagless models are simply not suitable for people who suffer from any sort of allergies.

Since most people suffering from allergies are now searching for completely hypoallergenic environments at home, it is clear that a bagged upright vacuum cleaner may be the solution. Enter the Kenmore Elite 31150 upright vacuum, one of the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners – featuring a HEPA filter, pet hair removal attachments, and dirt sensors to ensure you are not exposed to any allergy-inducing dust.

With a stylish design and excellent variety of functions, this vacuum cleaner has been hailed by users as one of the best on the market. With this Kenmore Elite upright vacuum, you will easily be able to get rid of all kinds of dust, pet hair, and allergens. All it takes is one sweep through your home with the low-maintenance appliance and you and your family will be breathing in nothing but fresh air!

Stand Out Features

In the sections below, we will explore the various features that make the Kenmore Elite 31150 one of the best bagged upright vacuum cleaners on the market.

Enhanced Power

Featuring a dynamic 3D Inducer Motor, this Kenmore upright vacuum combines the power of three motors to produce powerful, beltless suction that reduces the need for maintenance and general repairs.

With the innovative Power Flow design, having a full bag after cleaning will not affect the performance or suction abilities. It gives you all the necessary power you need to finish the job in one go.

Advanced Filter System

The Kenmore elite vacuum was designed specifically for people who suffer from allergies. With an AAA-certified triple HEPA filter system, you will never have to deal with allergy problems in your home. With an advanced HEPA filter system, you will capture and retain almost 100% of debris, pollen, pet hairs, and other allergens.

Infrared Dirt Sensor

Featuring an Infrared Dirt Sensor, which activates LED headlights that tell you where to focus the cleaning power, this Kenmore Elite 31150 can clean those hard-to-see dirt spots – even in low-light conditions. The infrared sensor in the airflow will also inform you when dirty air passes into the vacuum, as well as inform you if the floors are still dirty.

Additionally, the sensor ensures that the machine will turn off when the floor is clean. This makes this model one of the easiest and most effective upright vacuums available on the market today. Now, you will easily be able to spot dirt in poorly lit areas such as under beds, furniture, sofas, and other hard-to-reach spots!

Enhanced Suction Capabilities

This model has been designed to tackle any sort of dirt problem with its superior suction power. With a 12-Amps 3D Induced Motor, it provides up to 20% more power than other similar Kenmore Elite models.

The motor also includes Kenmore’s ‘Power Flow Technology’, which prevents the performance of the suction from reducing as the bag gets fuller. Furthermore, the 3D Inducer Motor offers more air than any standard upright vacuum cleaner. With innovative beltless technology, the life expectancy of this product is extended, also cutting down on long-term repair and maintenance costs.

Adjustable Settings

As one of the best upright vacuums, this model offers 5-position manual height adjustment settings. This ensures optimal airflow as well as vigorous and intense cleaning of floors, rugs, carpets, and other surfaces, alike. Whether you need to clean bare floors or high pile carpeting, the height adjustment features will ensure powerful cleaning at all times on all surfaces.

The Reach-Out telescoping wand ensures that you can access those hard-to-clean spaces. This includes ceiling fans, window treatments as well as other surfaces above ground level without the need for a ladder.

Pet Friendly

The Pet HandiMate hose and wand attachment allow you to easily remove pet fur or dander from your furniture. This mini-motorized tool features a rotating brush.  This will help you to find and remove all pet and human hairs with ease – irrespective of the various surfaces they may be on.

This tool is ideal for deep cleaning stairs, carpets, furniture, or any other surfaces. The Pet HandiMate does not include a tangle-free design, however, you can quickly and easily remove lint and hair using a pair of scissors. This feature ensures that your house will stay dust and pet-hair free, despite the number of pets or the size of your home.

Extra Long Power Cord

What sets the Kenmore Elite 31150 ahead of other similar models on the market is the cord length.  This vacuum features a 35-ft extra length vacuum cord, allowing you to cover a much wider radius than with other similar models.

With a 35-ft power cord length and a 12.75-inch cleaning width, you will easily be able to get rid of allergy-inducing dust, dirt, dander, and other pollutants.


This Kenmore product comes with standard safety features, safeguarding it against damage that can occur from overheating.

Built-in thermal protection secures the primary motor. Should the unit get clogged, the airflow will drop and the device will automatically decrease the cooling capacity of the motors. Similarly, if the unit’s temperature increases to unwanted levels, the thermal protection function will automatically switch the motor off.

What We Like

  • Competitive pricing in its range
  • Superior suction
  • Sturdy build and powerful motor
  • Sleek design
  • Reduced noise when operating
  • Dynamic design making it able to clean a variety of surfaces
  • Advanced AAA-certified triple HEPA filter system
  • Adjustable height settings

Minor Drawbacks

  • Somewhat heavier than other similar models
  • No swivel steering or automatic cord recoil
  • Warranty period is not as long as other similar models
  • Bag replacements not included and can become costly over time

How To Use The Elite 31150

Elite 31150 Kenmore Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Friendly, Silver (Complete Set), with Bonus Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

While there are some easy to use parts such as the power cord and hand release, other parts of this model may be slightly confusing to use at first. This section will identify the main parts of the Kenmore Elite 31150, and how to use them correctly.

Off/ Floor/ Carpet Switch

The OFF button will turn off both the agitator and suction motors.

The FLOOR button will turn on the suction motor only, the agitator will not revolve in this mode as it is for cleaning tiles, hardwood, and delicate carpets. This mode is also suggested when using any attachments.

The CARPET button will turn on both the suction and the agitator motors and is not recommended for tiles, hardwood floors, or delicate carpets

Pile Height Selection and Settings

There are 5 main height settings on this model. For deep cleaning, the LO setting is recommended. In certain cases, you may need to raise the height to make cleaning easier.

These are the suggested uses for each setting:

  • HI – Shag, deep pile, or scatter rugs
  • MED HI – Medium to deep pile
  • “I” – Medium pile
  • MED LO – Low to medium pile
  • LO – The preferred setting for many carpets and also for bare floors

Dirt Sensor

The electronic dirt sensor is designed to detect particles as they go through the vacuum. When there is little to no dirt, the sensor will be off. When there are medium or heavy dirt levels, the sensor will be on.

Bag Indicator

When running with normal airflow, the light on the CHECK BAG indicator will be off. It is normal for the CHECK BAG indicator to come on while using certain attachments due to reduced airflow, so do not be alarmed. The light will come on when the bag is full or the airflow is blocked.

Final Thoughts

While there are many amazing Kenmore vacuum cleaners on the market, the Kenmore Elite 31150 is popular due to its technology and features. This sturdy bagged vacuum has been created for cleaning elevated surfaces and larger spaces, easily removing pet hairs, dust, and other pollutants, with the same power and efficiency.

This makes it an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or simply people who do not like dust.

By combining advanced suction features with a high-quality filter, the Kenmore Elite 31150 vacuum guarantees powerful and effective cleaning. With an extra length cord, excellent cleaning hose, a telescoping wand, as well as other dynamic features, this Kenmore vacuum is a solid investment.

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