Roomba 690 vs 890 Comparison and Reviews

Roomba 690 vs 890 Comparison and Reviews
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Should you find yourself on the lookout for a robot vacuum to simplify cleaning and add a touch of tech to your home,  then look no further than the iRobot Roomba! The brand is well known for its smart robot vacuum cleaners and we will compare two models in this article. Our Roomba 690 vs 890 review should give you a good idea about which of these two iRobots is the best one for you.

Both the Roomba 690 and 890 models are a great buy for those constantly on the move or those who are simply not overly enthusiastic about cleaning.

We will take a look at the main features, pros, and cons of each cleaner, as well as compare their overall capabilities and features.

Roomba 690 vs 890 Comparison Table

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Roomba 690 Review

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

First up is the Roomba 690 self-charging model. Crafted with robotics and innovative practices, the Roomba 690 is a robot vacuum machine that effortlessly swivels its way across all your household floors. The Roomba 690 contains smart sensors that quickly scour your home for dirt. It also has built-in dirt-patented technology that is great for picking up where the slightly more dirty points are and honing in on them.

Whether you have large items to suck up or tiny dirt particles, this robot vacuum can clean it all! Although one may at first be deceived by the slight CD player resemblance, the 360-degree rotating Roomba movement should quickly put you back on track. Its intelligent sensors for navigation guide it around your furniture so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck somewhere and never finding it again.

While your dog or cat may wonder what this strange, moving object is, the Roomba 690’s suction and cleaning power do a great job of removing pet hair. The Roomba 690 is also able to be linked up to Alexa or Google Assistant wherein voice control can be added. So even if you have your hands full, you can tell your Roomba 690 to get cleaning.

With work, family, friends and hobbies, it can be difficult to find the time to do some cleaning. So, the Roomba 690 allows you to schedule a clean directly from the iRobot app on your smartphone. Imagine arriving home to clean floors? Then all it requires is a 90-minute pre-docking to recharge before the Roomba 690 can be used again.

Main Features

  • 3-stage Patented Cleaning System
  • Edge-Sweeping Brush
  • Powerful Dual multi-surface brush
  • 360-degree power
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
  • 90-minute run time
  • Automatic docking and recharging


  • Can work on all types of surfaces, including carpet
  • Great for cleaning pet hair and fine debris
  • Convenient scheduling function
  • Great navigation


  • This robot vacuum does battle at collecting debris at transitional levels, for example when it moves between a carpet and hardwood floor

Roomba 890 Review

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

Moving along to the next robot vacuum in our Roomba 690 vs 890 comparison – is the Roomba 890. This multi-purpose Roomba cleaner is definitely a product of the millennial age, being equipped as it is with Wifi connectivity to link up to your devices. To elaborate, this means that you can schedule daily cleans for up to 90 minutes from your phone. This lets you go back to a clean home after running your errands or a long day at work.

This a nifty Roomba 890 robot vacuum can transition easily from hardwood floors to carpet, and across an array of thresholds within your house. This functionality is a great perk to have for when you are out of the house and schedule a clean as you won’t have to worry about it getting stuck. The Roomba 890 also features a Virtual Wall function that keeps the robot vacuum out of certain rooms or spaces.

Furthermore, the iRobot Roomba 890’s functionality extends to an ability to do a deep-clean, which might even beat your usual cleaning efforts. Equipped with patented Dirt Detect sensors, the Roomba 890 is able to pick up specific areas containing dirt and focus on them to ensure a complete clean.

If you’ve ever had a guest come over and stay only to find out at the last minute that they have a serious allergy to pet hair, attempts to begin the clean up may seem like an uphill struggle. Like the Roomba 690, this model can effortlessly pick up pet hair without getting tangled – a feature that makes everyone’s life a little easier.

Main Features

  • Volume capacity of 0.62 liters
  • Dual-mode virtual wall barrier
  • Extra aero force high-efficiency filter
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Patented Dirt Detect sensors to detect high traffic-zones where dirt accumulates


  • Cleans for up to 90 minutes before automatically redocking to charge once more
  • Strong suction power to pick up all the lingering dirt, dust, and debris
  • Cleans quietly


  • Not the best for large houses if wi-fi doesn’t provide full coverage

Roomba 690 vs 890 Comparison

Although at first glance, you may be a little confused as to the difference between the iRobot Roomba 690 vs 890, a closer look will reveal a few differing details to keep in mind when choosing between these two appliances.

Admittedly, cleaning can be a bit of a chore, and it’s the last thing you feel like doing after a long week. With a few tips and tricks, along with the help of one of the iRobot Roomba robot vacuums, your daily cleaning duties can be just that extra bit smoother.

Ease of Use / Controls

iRobot Roomba Cleaning App

One of the particularly exciting perks of the Roomba 690 vs 890 models is the technological specs on both of them. As far as controls go, they are similar in being able to schedule a clean from absolutely anywhere with the app. During your tea break, just head over to the app, select “CLEAN” and your iRobot Roomba will disconnect from its charging point and clean.

In addition to this, the app updates you with notifications. These include when the Roomba’s cleaning cycle has ended, how long it should take, when it gets stuck on a piece of furniture, etc.

Both of the Roomba 690 and Roomba 890 models are designed to include Alexa and Google Assistant. The iRobot app is a great feature that allows you to monitor the cleaning sessions so that you can plan around it and come home to some sparkling, clean floors.


As far as the outer physical designs of the iRobot Roomba 690 and Roomba 890 go, there is little difference. Aside from a slight change in color, with the Roomba 690 being covered in a silver outlay, and the Roomba 890 having a more bronze finish, you would not be blamed for assuming they were one and the same. However, when one takes a closer look at the inner workings of each Roomba, the differences become apparent.

One difference between the iRobot Roomba 690 vs 890 lies in the brush type. The 690 uses a traditional brush for cleaning, while the 890 model features dual multi-surface rubber brushes. The benefit of using rubber is its ability to adjust almost immediately to different surfaces based on the cleaning needs of the surface in question.

An extra consideration to bear in mind is that the Roomba 690 uses a specially designed edge-sweeping brush, coupled with vacuum suction, to provide a more thorough clean. It also contains a full suite of intelligent sensors, designed to pick up any lingering mess. These sensors are used for navigation under and around your furniture to ensure no spot is missed.

The iRobot Roomba 890 was crafted with an extra aero force high-efficiency filter. This feature ensures all allergens and dust particles are captured.


The iRobot Roomba 890 has Smart Navigation remote mapping, a feature that helps it to be remotely controlled via the app. By contrast, the Roomba 690 is not able to be controlled in this respect. Aside from showing you the cleaning map upon cleaning completion, it prevents you from having much control in the process itself.

Another standout comparison between the two is that the iRobot Roomba 890 is able to detect when it is near the edge of furniture or steps to avoid an expensive bump or fall.

Both the Roomba 690 and Roomba 890 models were designed with Wifi capability and IOS and Android app controls incorporated. An aspect missing from the Roomba 690, however, is the navigation aspect. Rather than moving in straight lines like some of the newer models, the 690 cleans in a way that bounces around in a more random formation until the house is clean.


When you put the two Roomba robot vacuums side by side, there is some difference in their respective performance capabilities. The Roomba 890 offers a high capacity volume of 0.62 liters, something the Roomba 690 is not able to offer. In addition, the Roomba 890 offers up to five times higher suction power technology, a pretty handy feature especially for stubborn, hidden dirt in carpets and other surfaces.

A great feature of both the Roomba 690 and 890 is their ability to clean without the hassle of untangling numerous chords. With the ease of a charging port, they can be plugged in and left charging until you need them again. They have quite a long cleaning life-span of up to 90 minutes.

Final Thoughts

If you are no closer to a decision, one thing you can take some reassurance in is iRobot itself. As a leading brand in robot vacuum technology, they have more than 25 years of experience to back them up. Hopefully, this information gave you more insight into which iRobot Roomba appliance would be the best for you – whether it’s the Roomba 690 vs 890.

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