The $5 Ultimate Grout Cleaner – This Is Genius

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Filling up the gaps on tiles, floors and walls is where grout comes in.

Its a hard place to clean and trying to do it by hand with soap and water can be incredibly tedious. Grout absorbs dirt on the surface, making it a real pain to clean. Thankfully we have Jeff Patterson who has come up with the perfect solution for grout cleaning.

He calls it “The Grout Grime Buster 3000.”

This is what you will need to put this incredible grout cleaner together:

Soap Dispensing Palm Brush Refills: $1.99
Hex Tap Bolt: $2.02
Hex Nut
Flat Washer
2 Split Washers (All washers and nuts total $0.80)
Crescent Wrench
Socket Wrench


Now you will want to follow the directions that Jeff gives on how to assemble your own Grout Grime Buster 3000, which actually takes much less time than you think, and it will definitely be worth it considering all the time you will save cleaning grout.

Matter of fact, you can build this thing in 5 minutes! Another major factor is that you can actually use this to clean other things like kitchen sinks and bathroom showers.

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