The Simplest Way To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Remove Pet Hair From Furniture
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Pets are cute. Having to take time out to remove pet hair from furniture is not. While we all adore our pets, it’s not ideal, or hygienic to have their fur or hair lying everywhere. In fact, if you or someone in your household has allergies, this could not only be an inconvenience but a big problem!

There are many different kinds of ways to remove hair or fur from your home. Some are easier and more expensive than others.

To give you a bit of a trick when you get desperate, here is a really simple way to get rid of fur on your couch.

Quick Tip to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

To provide a quick and easy way to maintain your home and make sure that you can remove fur and hair whenever necessary, it’s often helpful to look to celebrities for help.

Kim Myles of “Home Made Simple” gives a very simple way to take hair and fur off of your upholstery in this Huffington Post video.

So, instead of having to break out the lint roller sheets to get rid of clumps of fur, Kim says there’s a much easier way to lift all of that fur off of your couch. Of course, this is when your pet isn’t sitting on it either!

Basically, all you need to do to take advantage of this home hack is a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and a small bowl of water.

Once you have gathered all of these items, you put on the glove, get it wet and gently run it across the surface of your couch or other chosen form of upholstery. By doing this, you will be able to pick up all of the hair and clean your furniture at the same time.

Reality Check: Maintaining Your Home

The tip above is a great trick for quickly lifting up some shedding, hair or fur on your couch. However, unfortunately this isn’t a way to maintain your upholstery in the long term.

To really be able to consistently keep up with shedding, you will need to invest in a proper vacuum cleaner.

Here are some features that you should make sure your vacuum has to ensure that you are able to remove pet hair from furniture easily and effectively:

1. Should Provide Powerful Suction to Clean Up Hair

Vacuuming up fur or hair is quite challenging since it is easily scattered by the wind. In addition to that, it can also stick to the floor, carpets, rugs, curtains or upholstery. It also might not be easily removed by just sweeping or using an entry-level and often weaker device. As you might have guessed, it gets everywhere and isn’t always easy to clean up!

Due to this, buyers are strongly advised to always check the suction power provided by their machine of choice. They should also bear in mind that to be able to get rid of hair, you need more suctioning power. This means that an ideal device should be very much capable of picking up shedding that is stranded in areas where removing the hair is quite difficult, such as in furry carpets and rugs.

2. Able to handle Amount of Shedding

It’s also important to determine as to whether a particular machine is equipped with the technology that allows it to appropriately get rid of fur and hair from furniture. In fact, this is a very important feature to consider. This is because there are many products that are only good in collecting but not in handling fur and hair. As a result, hair that was already collected can sometimes be returned back to where it was picked up. This makes the vacuum useless.

Ideally speaking, this is not what you want!

Checking out this particular characteristic is quite easy since most of the packaging and user manuals of devices sold on the market usually provide a brief explanation of how it handles the particles collected.

3. Must Include Specialized Tools for Hair and Fur Suction

Hair and fur is usually spread out to almost all areas of the house, which includes hard-to-reach places. Therefore, to make sure that a device will be able to remove pet hair from furniture, the buyer should check the included on-board tools that go with the product.

Finding a more powerful option that offers this particular feature nowadays is actually easy since almost all models are sold with generous number of specialized attachments. In fact, the only thing that the buyer should do is make sure that there are particularly designed tools to get rid of shedding effectively.

4. Should Have Convenient Waste Disposing System

Pet owners who are in need of an easy way to get rid of shedding must also look at the waste-disposing feature of the device and check if it’s convenient or not. In other words, this is considered an important feature that must be checked out. The reason for this is that a vacuum that has a complicated waste disposal mechanism does not provide a good assurance that the hair collected will be properly disposed of.


Therefore, while there are quick and easy ways to remove pet hair from furniture, you need to look at the longer term view. To  make sure that you are always able to remove fur en masse, you will need to invest in a proper vacuum cleaner, and take note of the recommended features above.

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