Types of Vacuums

Understanding the types of vacuum cleaners out there is an excellent place to start when looking to purchase the best vacuum. Depending on your cleaning will determine what type of vacuum would work best for you. Each vacuum is designed to clean different surfaces, whether it be carpets, wood floors, tile, or linoleum flooring.

Vacuum cleaners are categorized into four main types of vacuums:

1. Upright Vacuum Cleaners: These are a popular option in the US and UK. They excel at versatility, are easy to use, quite impressive in cleaning carpeted areas, and also suitable for large spaces. With upright vacuum cleaners, users don’t have to bend, plus the brash bar is pretty handy in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

2. Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners: These types of vacuum cleaners have the bag and the motor in a separate unit with a long hose. Their design makes them cheaper, and they are an affordable alternative for upright vacuum cleaners. They can dust and clean almost anything; they take up less space and are suited for cleaning upholstery, tight spaces, and stairs.  Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: 4 Reviews and Purchasing Tips

3. Robotic Vacuums: A newer style that has become one of the most popular and common around homes today. A robotic vacuum operates on it’s own traveling throughout your rooms picking up dirt and debris. Round in shape with a built-in motor and brushes, they are battery operated and need to be recharged after each use. They can be very expensive but work great to swiftly move in and around furniture. There are models form the best brands right here in the links below.

4. Handheld Vacuums: As the name describes a handheld is typically one one unit that is easily used by hand. The vacuum motor and dust cup is together and you just empty it out when needed. The newest battery operated models offer longer battery time usage, good suction and the ability to get into tight areas to clean those hard to reach areas.

Upright, cylinder, robotic and handheld vacuum cleaners can either be:

– Bagged: The dust bag is part of the vacuum’s main component.
– Bagless: They have a reusable container exterior that you empty.

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Different Types of Vacuums and Their Amazing Uses

Handheld vacuums work best for use in vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles since they are great to vacuum tight spaces.

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