Vacuum Cleaners You Would Rather Use For Decoration

Vacuum Cleaners You Would Rather Use for Decoration
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Hoovering is not everyone’s favorite task, but is surely a critical part in keeping your living spaces fresh and clean. However, shopping for the perfect vacuum cleaner is not as easy as shopping for other home cleaning products. Therefore, the decision to buy the right model can often leave you feeling quite overwhelmed!

There are a variety of models with unique features, sizes, colors and prices to choose from. Most often people refer over to the internet and experts for reviews and suggestions, while others opt to buy what looks and sounds fancy. This is because besides hoovering and cleaning living spaces, such “fancy vacuum cleaners” make a good decoration too!

Here are some of the most aesthetically pleasing models, which some people might rather want to use for decoration.

Miele Comfort Complete C3

If you are going shopping this year, you cannot afford to miss the Miele complete that comes in the form of a bagged cylinder. Miele’s Complete C3 Limited Edition vacuum cleaner features a Turbo Comfort turbo brush with an air-driven rotating roller brush, which loosens the dirt in the floor. It is ideal for cleaning low to medium pie carpeting, area rugs and all smooth flooring.

The Limited Edition also includes the AllTeQ combination rug and floor tool. A telescopic, stainless steel wand and long electrical cord, with one-touch automatic rewind, provide a total cleaning radius of 36 feet. The Complete C3 Limited Edition is also equipped with a six-stage suction control via a +/- foot switch. Other conveniences include three integrated accessories: a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle- and a 3D bumper.

This makes it an excellent design for a vacuum cleaner that you could also use as decoration in your home. In fact, since this brand has a fancy European sounding name, it’s even better!

In terms of technicality, this model is made powerful enough to tackle all dirty tasks or tiles, carpets, hardwood flooring and other large areas.

Dyson Absolute V8

As a matter of fact, this might just be the most innovative kind of device you have ever seen! This definitely tops our charts of vacuum cleaners for decoration. However, it comes with a heavy price! It is one of the coolest cordless cleaners to invest it, with additional battery life and bin size. If you are looking for a cleaner with less noise pollution, catchy design and have money then this might just be your best pick of the year.

In terms of technicality, cordless cleaners are great for cars and stairs since these are socket free, light and convenient to use.

As we’ve mentioned in other reviews, this device probably won’t be appropriate for all kinds of cleaning, but they will be ideal in certain circumstances.

Hoover Windtunnel Series

The WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright helps you manage unruly pet hair. This is because it features an easy cord rewind, a folding handle for storage, 5 position carpet height adjustment, and the easy-to-clean Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool. There’s no loss of suction with Hoover patented WindTunnel technology that traps and channels dirt into the dirt cup and minimizes scatter.

It’s everything you asked for and more! This cleaner is an answer to all your cleaning needs in just one machine. Not only is this vacuum cleaner competent in use but also offers a classy design to perfectly decorate in your homes.

As we all know, pet hair and dander can ruin a home, as well as all the furniture in it. Therefore, if there is a device that can help, and look good while doing it, it’s even better.

Black & Decker HHVI320JR02 Dustbuster Cordless

This vacuum cleaner is absolutely user-friendly for people with looking for smaller portable cleaning devices. But, do not be fooled by the small size as it is enough to cover large areas of an apartment or a flat. The sophisticated design conveniently allows you to keep decorate the machine smartly in your bedroom or closets.

In terms of technicality, portable Black & Decker Dustbuster Cordless is great to clean your carpets and hard floors anywhere because its cordless too.

In this case, a handheld device can offer more than you think it might, which gives you more value for money. If it looks good on your shelf while you’re not using it, that’s great too.


All of the aforementioned vacuum cleaners are not only great to clean your living environments, but they are also designed and made smartly to look good in your abodes.

With some of the most well-known brand names out there, you can’t go wrong. In a competitive marketplace, these devices also can’t afford not to look slick and well-designed either.

Therefore, if you’re someone who finds aesthetics important, any one of the models above could be a perfect addition to your home. Or, even your cleaning shelf, where you can go to admire it while you’re not cleaning.

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