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Wet dry vac cleaners are handy tools that can make cleaning a breeze. As the name implies, it is specifically designed to clean liquid spills, but can also clean dust and other solid dirt. This special type of shop vacuum is very useful in all working environments and homes as it works just like the normal vacuums.

It doesn’t matter if it is operated indoors or outdoors, they can be used anywhere. That is the reason why you need to know how to use one properly, especially if you intend to buy one or you already own one.

How to Use a Wet Dry Vacuum and How It Works

Learning how to use a wet vac is good, but knowing how it truly works is better so that you will have a good understanding of the product and it’s features that you are investing in.

Vacuuming Mechanism for Wet and Dry Cleaning

The wet dry vac or also known as a wet vac, is usually designed in a simple manner. It makes use of two bucket systems that are used in separating the liquid particles from the solid ones. The cleaner also has an intake port that sucks up all the dirt that will move along a tube with the other wastes that have been sucked up.

While passing over the buckets, the air flow decreases. The decline in speed loosens the air’s grip on the particles, with the heavier dirt particles falling into the buckets.

The air current afterward is sucked up via a motorized fan and goes out via the exhaust port. Since the debris and dirt particles are dissolved in the liquid inside the bucket, the air that is expelled via the exhaust port will contain lesser dirt as compared to a normal vacuum cleaner.

Blower Function

In addition, the blower function present in most wet vacs gives these devices the ability to expel air out rapidly as well as draw it in. This particular function is very useful when pushing leaves, dust and other debris into piles before clearing them at the end.

Wet Dry Vac Cleaning Tips

Using this type of cleaner is actually not as hard as you think. In fact, most of them come with instruction manuals, and you can even watch videos on how to operate them. Nevertheless, you need to know the important facts below, no matter what model you’re using. We do not want your cleaning experience to be a disastrous one.

Clear the Hose

The first step is to remove any stagnant water from the vacuum hose. To do that, put the hose in a bucket and switch on the vacuum cleaner. After that, place the vac in a dry area. When it is filled with water, empty it inside a drum.

Select a Filter

Apart from clearing the hose of any stagnant water, the next critical thing to remember is to select the right filter.

Since one can be used for multiple cleaning jobs, ensure that you select the correct filter. For liquid spills, make use of the foam filter while the paper filter is used for cleaning dust and dirt particles.

Choose the Right Attachment

Each wet dry vac model usually comes with several attachments. Each attachment has a specific use, and the type of cleaning job you are about to embark on should determine the attachment you will use. Some are narrow, making them perfect for cleaning tight areas while others such as the brushes are used for cleaning dust particles.

After choosing the right attachment and installing the right filter, you are set to begin vacuuming the dirty area. Always ensure that every corner of the area is covered so that your cleaning task is successful.

Use the Exhaust Portion when Necessary

As mentioned earlier, the exhaust is an attachment that differs from the rest. Wet vacs usually have the ability to blow air out of the hose which means that this is an added feature to the already existing sucking function. This particular attachment can be used to make outdoor cleaning easier.

Empty the Tub

If you use the one frequently, it is very important that you empty the tub regularly. To do so, unclip the pegs that are attached to the lid of the tub to the base. Once the lid is off, you can empty the contents.

It is recommended that the vac is emptied immediately after cleaning liquid spills. Allowing the liquid waste to stay long in the tub results in a revolting smell.

What are the Other Wet Vac Uses ?

As can be denoted by the above details, the wet vac is a very important tool due to its versatility and uses.

Interestingly, it is not just merely capable of cleaning debris, removing dust and sucking up liquid spills, but the best shop vac also has the ability to carry out several jobs such as the ones listed below.

  • Can be used to unclog sinks and bathtubs. This can be done by setting the vac to the blower mode. The force of the air resulting from that will remove a few or all the items causing obstruction.
  • A hardwood floor can be cleaned and buffed using some of the attachments that come with the wet vac.
  • Curtains and upholstery can be cleaned since it works like the normal vacuum.
  • Works great for dust collection.
  • Fireplaces become easier to clean as they have the ability to suck up the cold ashes with relative ease.
  • Using the blower function of the vac, snow can also be cleared and blown away easily.
  • For those that don’t have carpet cleaners, this can be used to remove marks, stains, and mildew if combined with a detergent.
  • Using the wet dry vacuum in bower mode can also be used to blow out leaves and debris for cleaning gutters and downspouts.
  • Since it can suck up water, it can be used to clean up water spills and minor flooded areas.
  • Other debris such as nails, screws and wood shavings can also be sucked up.

Best Wet Dry Vac Models

Finding the best wet dry vac is easy when you have so many models to choose from that also list and breakdown the wet vac vacuum cleaner reviews.  Below are some top selling brands to review. These also ship free and have a good warranty to back up their performance.

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Cleaning your indoors and outdoors from liquid spills, dirt, leaves, snow, and other debris using a wet dry vacuum is simple if you follow the tips that we have explained above. By doing so, you will finish the task faster and efficiently. More than the convenience that you get from using this tool properly is the assurance that your wet vacuum cleaner will last longer.

Nonetheless, an important note to consider before operating any wet dry vac is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions to get the most use out of it.

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